Isaac Hor has 6 years of experience in bespoke tailoring industry (and counting). He is a fitter, bespoke specialist, and also your friend.

“We believe that everyone deserves the best that life has to offer. You deserve to be happy, deserve to be respected, deserve to enjoy a quality life. We always listen to you, as we only craft the quality garments that suit you the best, and giving the best solution to bring the best out of you. Conquer your garments, as you are the one wearing them, not they are wearing you. You only live once, treat your life as a party, wear your best cloth everyday and the party will come to you! ” – Isaac


Karl Yee is a Certified Image Consultant with more than eight years of proven experience in the bespoke tailoring industry as well as a professional men’s wear consultant and grooming expert.

Karl’s mission is to help others to re-discover themselves and transform their lives through image branding.

Whilst Karl will continue to help women and men develop their own personal style by identifying colors, fit and design that complement their profession, body type, and lifestyle, his ultimate goal is to help everyone to make a great first impression, and most importantly, to build an image that project confidence.

So, are you ready for a new image and bring your brand to a higher level?